Friday, August 24, 2007



Tits and alcohol. your desert island survival kit has arrived.

solid gold baby. its a win win win combo. gold hair, gold tits, and gold jewlery. who could say no?

In a movie they call this the a "crane shot". It's so romantic. This would be the end of the scene where she finally realizes that her rock'n roll romeo is really the tops and her banker boyfriend with the big house and fancy car is really an ass hat. She runs into the awesome club where cool B hangs out and takes him in her arms and.... CUE CRANE SHOT!

You ever see one of those badges that says,"SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE" This is the living embodiment of that button.

2 more beers, and she's all mine.

How much is too much? Only this zesty fella and a few others like him know the answer.

This is an out take from a movie where Rocky becomes an electro DJ in the 80's and sweats all over the crowd.

You ever hear someone say, "Heeeeere comes trouble." Well here it is, trouble. If you hear someone say Here comes trouble, and you don't see these two, then it's all good. It's not really trouble.

You know how in a cheesy house song it's always like, Get Free or I Want To Take You Higher. Well homeboy there with his his modified devil hands is definitly understanding what they are talking about. And the look on his face is hard proof that people who do not go to clubs and dance and sweat etc are indeed "sadoes" just like that shitty article written by that fucktard that everyone loves to either ironically or unironically repost all over myspace says.
In conclusion, the gentleman in the photo is very very happy.
The person who wrote that article is fucking douche magnet.

hella dope

Hugs not drugs. Remember that kiddies.

If this dreamboat were around when Kool-Aid first came out with PurpleSaurus Rex and was the spokesmodel, we would all be chugging that shit day and night till our teeth rotted out.

Oh Websters just called, they want this for the pic under the definition of Sass.

Blue States Lose where are you???

Once again, hugs are the new drugs. Just reach out, put your arm around someone close to you and squeeze. See how good you feel? At peace and full of well being. Now go snort a line of stepped on lawn mower coke off a rusty knife in a dirrrty toilet. Not quite the same is it?

you lookin' at me?

That's a lot of wicked ink work. But still there is too much blank canvas there. I am thinking, "LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL" in Olde English across the chest. That would be the ol icing on the cake.

Did you ever think two lawyers would find each other, travel the world, raise a family, and cause small chaos everywhere they went? Well there is hope for us all.

Matching bracelets and great hugs=BFF!

Boring people are always talking about the Electroclash like it's some dirty word just cause some beardy weirdys at VICE say so. Well look at this living breathing Fischerspooner back up dancer and tell me she is not totally awesome? Extra points for throwing the devil horns.

When the DJ yells, "TAKE IT OFF" compliance is appreciated.

I call this one, HOT FRENZY.

she's like "no he di'nt!" and he's "babe, you ain't seen nuthin' yet!"

she looks so innocent but look closely in upcoming shots...

Sometimes when you are surrounded on all sides by butts of every kind all you can do is smile and shake your locks all like, yes yes YES!

peep show coming up. and it did.

Doesn't this make you wish you there for that punchline? Shit must have been HI-larious!

This guy is king of the bums! Rolling around town in his sweet ass jacket with all his awesome stuff in his 4 wheel drive, with a smoking hot blonde hood ornament who obeys his every whim.

This dude helps the world get drunker, one bottle at a time. You would think that someone who keeps their beard that neat and trim wouldn't want to roll around with such a wrinkly shirt but I don't know much about liquor store style.

You know how guys are always like, if I grew a pair one day I couldn't keep my hands off of them. And then girls, who have a pair, are like, NO it's not like that. Well let's all work together to keep everyone happy from now on.

Shout at the Devil. Tell him thanks for all these awesome times.

the smile of an angel

Just remember at the FRISCO DISCO you might get a little nipple sweat with that cocktail. It's all good. It's from this stallion and it tastes like honey.

One of these girls is slightly hammered. One of these girls is married. And one drives a PT Cruiser. Guess who is who? First right answer gets a free drink.

just put your lips together and blow

When I hear the song Shake and Pop, this is exactly the dude I picture in my mind singing the words.

Looks like its time for Jefrodisiac to get a fresh manicure. He likes to keep his nails nice and fresh. It's part of his DJ'ing magic. Plus it looks hot.

Blondes definitely have more fun.

Hard at work. Now say it the other way. Like this. Hard, at work. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAH

If I was a girl, I would push everyone out of my way, run up all breathless, try to regain my composure real quick, and say,
"Pant Pant, can I please be jumped into your gang???"

Hey Justice, I broke your freaking record in a fit of passion.
And they are all like, (in French accents) Good, now you have to buy another one and we can buy more cigarettes, leather jackets, and crazy synths, we win, you lose hyperactive american!!

It's crazy but when you feel this dudes chest hair, it tickles the living shit out of you.

a ray of light in a storm of madness

an advertisement for quality skin care

Remember how you were a kid and you would just stare at the Sticky Fingers album cover, thinking that was the coolest thing ever? Just sliding that zipper up and down and sort of understanding what rock and roll and fucking and herpes were all about? That was awesome.

It takes a real fashion sense to be able to rock 1, 2, 3, 4 different accessories in a club and still stay cool. Its about avoiding hoodies and drinking lots of cool refeshing beer.

love blooms eternal

she looks beautiful but we're really taken with ashley's suave pose on the right hand go girl!

Did someone order 4 amazing cheekbones? Cause they're here.

it's a little fuzzy but the enthusiasm shines through

This is seriously like a one hundred and fifty five on the CUTE-O-METER. Man this goes right next to the puppies, koalas, and kittens pics.

any friend of eiming's is a friend of mine.

Winner of the tattoo of the night contest. It's kind of zen. Like what else does one need? Although I thought the knife goes on the outside. I might be wrong though. I eat with my hands.

that is called a "Look of Intent"

Forget witty banter, casual conversation, and the usual "what do you do?" bullshit. If you want to get to know someone better, get down on your knees and lick their belly. It's new, so start now before everyone boo hoos it a few months from now.

I have a theory that in this day and age, only people who are up to no good have to use cell phones. You know, spies, drug dealers, trouble makers. This makes Ms. Sass a Frass here all the more awesome.

Let's have fun tonight. Wang Chung tonight.

glee, biceps and a couple of beers

the perfect accessory to compliment your outfit...a man in matching's the new Kelly bag

mom, is it okay if a few friends come by tonight?

You know when you get really drunk. You think you can drive, sing, and stand up straight. But really...

I call this one, Wild Child Running Wild.

she's the first one to notice the falling anvil above them

These two should record an album and tour the world with nothing but a two mikes and a crazy Suicide inspired synth. Look out Crystal Castles or whomever.

The way to get over on the media is just give the nip slip on purpose. Your in control of your own body and everyone gets an eyeful of the goods. The paparazzi totally loses and you and your friends have something to laugh about. And some onlooker will totally buy you a beer.

If I was driving by in a car I would totally yell "GET A ROOM" but only so that they would totally listen to me and get insane in comfort with lube and a shower and shit.

Someone thought it was so cool that the FRISCO DISCO Dj's play actual records. They recorded their thoughts and slipped it to the DJ's on a cocktail napkin. Thanks napkin appreciator. One day the boys will enter the 20th fucking century!

Teddy Pendergrass is making appearance all over town (yes, dino & lewis???)

Jefordisac wanted a good shot of his wallet, in case it ever goes missing. Please clip this out and save it in your files. Which should be kept by your head on your bedroom wall.

How many little drunk girls do you have for sale? Only one??
Okay we'll take her.

That song "Put your hands up" is tired as fuck. The new anthem is "Take your pants down!" Also, FUCK DETROIT!!

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