Thursday, July 26, 2007


the title says it all. you have to see these pictures to believe it...

these days its all about great stares and accessories. maybe a little lipstick and its GO time.

even our friend Davey Havok aka commander of a great goth emo army needs to cut loose, posse up some friends, and get a little freaky on the dance floor.

beauty abounds

LL cool J.

No one knew Panic could rap. And they still don't.

I am no body language expert, but he is totally ready. he's got the lean in, the hungry look, the style. she, however seems a little hesitant, maybe a little wary. it could go either way at this point.

lets just call tis one "good times" and leave it at that.

this guy obviously knows some kind of secret. maybe its where the best hat stores, or this sweet little gelato place that no one knows about. maybe he just has a giant wang. could be?

if your bartender has this much style, wicked rock tatttoos, and smells like Paris Hilton perfume, then it is SHE who should be giving you tips, on how to live your fucking life!

summer love always equals funtastic bi-curious love affiairs that end in friends forever.

girl on the left has it down. the pose, the smile, the confidence.
homeboy on the right is four seconds behind, he's racing to get his arm back there, his smile is almost there, but still looks at ease and ready for any party situation.

maybe you worked all day. had a nice dinner. and now you are out dancing, having a few drinks, and suddenly you need a true disco nap. just find a nice soft pair of bossoms and just lay down for a few, 5 minutes tops. you'll be refreshed and ready to face 2 AM no sweat!

when it's your birthday in the movies, they have you stand all still in the swirling maelstorm as the party speeds around you in fast foward and the voice over is you contemplating your life. nobles thinking about 3 things; girls, beer, and good times. and to be honest, what else do you need?

this girls a champ, calling up her mates and shit from right outside the DJ both to say that party is off the hook and she looking and feeling like a million bucks.

too bad that fucking song isn't about San Francisco, cause it's awesome when everyone is putting there hands up there and smiling mega watt smiles.

OMG? is that the singer of Milwaukee's biggest band? CODEBREAKER?... YES.

super babes and dudes putting the moves on

this is the sweat break. everyone else is like body rocking out of control and you have to just step back, take a breather and check out some hotties across the way.

this is the face you make when your friends remind you of that one embarassing moment, and she's standing next you and laughing -you're all like...AH NO WAY IT WASN'T LIKE THAT!...

you ever wish your life was like a music video? where everyone is looking good and feeling it in the club? this guy just walked onto the set and is like hell yeah, I am going to be the good looking guy who kicks it with everybody.

this girls got that whole, "here's to you, tiger!" thing down.

everybody wants some.

I said i am totally feeling this shit!

the cutesy necklace, the demure demeanor, the genteel tattoo, none of that can cover up a girl who drives fast, swears, and will knock your teeth down your neck and then be you best friend when it's all over.

hang loose

fred astaire and ginger rogers circa: frisco disco

no matter how cool you are, or whatever, everyone needs a hug. so just wrap your arms around your man there and tell him how much he matters to you.

that smile gets her out of ANY trouble she gets into

some people really take this safe sex shit too far. it's fine to wear a condom cause it gives 20 seconds to really decide if you want to go for it for reals or not, even though you both feel like your fucking through a trash bag. BUT these kids have taken it to the next level.

open your mouth and close your eyes and you'll be in for a big surprise!

the one in the middle is like, yeah its cool. even though your dancing with that other girl, I know that by the end of the night, the red head is gonna be allll mine.


people are always saying all the wrong shit is fierce. that poodle is fierce, that hairnet is fierce, that sweater is fierce. well those people are all assholes because THIS is fierce.

can these guys get any hotter? the whole crowd makes way for them as they just roam and dance in some steamy boy manner, throwing knowing looks and just being so rough and tumble edible. damn.

who? me??

I ike to call this one, all kinds of sweat.

laser beams and ecstacy.

you go out. you have a good time. you work up a sweat. you lose your mind on the dancefloor. this is that moment. HAVOK at the DISCO!

rumor has it that this guy invented the sidekick telephone and the newest version that hasn't even come out yet comes with a little clipper and you can put lines in your hair with it. word!

like a summer breeze

you look at this couple of gems here and know that they have the best shoes, and know all the hottest secret clubs, and always get laid. but you would never think that the smooth criminal right there would have delicious abs that beg to have the sweat drunk off of them.

well you would be wrong.

he's kinda like yeah I still know something no one else knows.
she's kinda like yeah, I have no idea this guy roofied my shit.

oh my god!!! the ectasy just kicked in... i totally didnt think that shit was going to work... ohhhhh shit.....

if this isn't an add for bud light i don't know what is

this picture is clearly in the wrong order. nobody looks this fresh and clean in the middle of the night.

she likes to move it move it

Early in the evening Jefrodisiac was giving Panic dj lessons, as the night wore on.. those lessons really paid off and he was able to just get lost in the music.

he's gonna have some trouble with that chastity belt later in the night

" OMG... I think I'm having a heart attack" -- "I'll be the judge of that"

work it out! this is mad cowgirl style and I give it four thumbs up.

go margaret, that's a nice heavy pour...yeah

must be the music

this guy is feeling it...there's an ass, a hot girl, someone drinking, and peter noble in the house. what more could you ask for?

sometimes when you are dancing for hours, you feel a little tension, maybe a stiff muscle or two... just throw some fools out of your way and throwdown some back bends. show off how nimble you are. then jump back up and dance the night away.

this hottie is like "mmhmmm you know you want it"

right here she considers I'm really gunna have to take it to 11 to turn these bitches out!

you always hear about funky town. well here it is.

freedom of choice is what FRISCO DISCO is all about! -- some people like to have few drinks, relax, and let their eyes roll back into their heads when their favorite song hits that peak moment. others like to get a look of determination, throw their fists in the air and pump it. and still others like to strike a pouty pose.... it's all here at the disco!

this guys gang signs indicate that he is the leader of his own gang. basically he is the mayor of his own slice of town.

wait. is she over 21?

fuck stax, motown bitch! JK!

again, with the safe sex take way too far. however, for a party photo gag this shit is the bomb.

joe sparks for president.

he was the last one standing. you have a sister?

everyone outside is all cute glances, phone number exchanges, sexual hook ups and good times.

only when I'm dancing can I feel this free...

this is the world famous, my-god-I-would-so-fuck-the-living-shit-out-of-that and-make-it-my-bitch-for-a-whole-night-and-the-next-morning look.

good clean fun

don't blame me, I'm just the piano man

Le Dinosaur for president

peter noble is looking SAUCY

this is a stick up!

when you're at your hangover breakfast sunday morning talking about how crazy frisco disco was and who hooked up with who and your headache just won't go can thank yassir

what's that? what did you say? lean in a little closer

modeling the newest look...gingham hairbows...just saw it here first.

come on baby. do the locomotion.

fuck Abs of Steel...i get my workout at the Transfer

i see you baby. shakin' that ass.

she's thinking "oh no, i couldn't possibly! i'm not that kind of girl. well, okay. just this once"

fuck wheres waldo. can you spot young, fabulous, and fun?

ok... Impress me

blame it on the boogie

girls just wanna have mustache rides

they who bring the party

that's it guy take a breather and have your lady friend hand feed you life giving PBR. you'll be back on your feet in no time.

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